Bravura Films, Inc.
My production company since 1969. Makers of hundreds of motion pictures for some of the greatest corporations in the world.

Lex Fletcher
The world's greatest videographer. Winner of Emmy Awards and other fabulous prizes. Climber of mountains. Rafter of rivers. Fearless photographer. I have worked with Lex for many, many years and you should too.

Film Commissions
San Francisco Film Commission
San Jose Film Commission
Santa Cruz Film Commission
California Film Commission Services

Franchised Talent Agencies
AFTRA Talent Agencies
SAG Talent Agencies

Industry Guides and Information Portals
Reel Directory
Indispensable guide to the film and video industry in Northern California. See Bob Kalsey's listings under Writers and Directors.
Production personnel and services. Where to find crews when planning a shoot away from home.
International Production Crew Resource for Film, Video and Multimedia Professionals. A good place to find crew personnel, equipment, and services in distant lands.

International Film Production Guide and Directory
Online version of the well known Producer's Master Guide.

All kinds of links for motion picture professionals.
Another portal to a wide range of film and TV industry links.

Industry Central
Links to motion picture industry related websites

British Film And TV Directory
British Film And Television Production And Post Production Directory. When going to the UK, check here for all you need to know.

News, Information, and Miscellaneous Good Stuff
Discover Magazine
Discover Magazine Article Search Page. Science news in the popular vein.

History News Network
History News Network (HNN) is a great site for those who are interested in history. It features articles by historians about current events and is edited by best-selling author Richard Shenkman. Especially interesting is the "On Other Sites" feature which provides a list of--and links to--recent articles in the media related to history and current events.

Great Books and Classics
Links to classic works of religion, philosophy, politics, science, history and literature from both East and West, spanning nearly four thousand years of human history. Well indexed.

Einstein's Refrigerator
Einstein's Refrigerator Useless Information: Stuff you never needed to know but your life would be incomplete without, by Steve Silverman -- a science teacher at Chatham High School, near Albany, New York. Great reading.

Urban Legends
Before you forward one of those "amazing but true" email things to me, please do a quick search on one of these urban legends reference pages and avoid embarrassing yourself. And if some emailer from Nigeria makes you an offer that seems too good to be true, check out before sending money, personal information, or your first-born child.
Devoted to setting straight the world. Invaluable resource for the skeptical and the potentially gullible.

Is there really a virus lurking in your operating system? Will you get a $2,000 phone bill if you call a certain area code? Does Bill Gates want to send you $124 every time you forward an email? And what about that Nordstrom cookie recipe? ScamBusters exposes everything--from the merely annoying to the truly dangerous. What's true, and what's not? Here's where to find out.
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